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Our Service

Our fully comprehensive service includes:

  • Collection of Service Charge Payments

    Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually as per your requirements.

  • Debt collection

    We are very pro-active in chasing late payments and have a very good success rate.

  • Collection of Ground Rents

    As per lease requirements.

  • Banking and Financial Administration

    Daily banking and financial reconciliation, therefore we can provide an accurate balance of client funds held on request.

  • Company Secretarial duties

    If your management company requires a company secretary, this can be provided.

  • Meetings (AGMs)

    We can arrange meetings as per your requirements. They can be held in our office boardroom or your choice of venue.

  • Organising and Liaising with Contractors

    We have a vast network of fully qualified local contractors who we have hand chosen for their reliability, professionalism and attention to detail.

  • Preparation of Specifications

    We have Chartered Surveyors who have many years’ experience in dealing with all matters of building works required.

  • Building Insurance

    We use long established and respected local brokers for extremely competitive insurance quotes. We often find this is just one of the areas where we can save lease holders money for the same if not better level of cover.

  • Lease Extensions

    Any lessee wishing to extend the lease on their property we negotiate direct with the freeholder on their behalf.

  • Enfranchisement (Purchasing the Freehold)

    One of our consultant chartered surveyors is an expert in this field, and therefore can advise any lessee wishing to purchase the freehold of their property.

  • Preparation of Financial Accounts

    For transparency we always use independent accountants to prepare all clients year end accounts.

We currently have two consultant Chartered Surveyors who are regulated by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and advice on current legislation and attention to detail is fundamental to our management operation.

A wealth of knowledge backed
by true professionalism